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6 Things You Should Do To Start Your Work Day

Updated: Nov 2, 2022


Starting your day off on the right foot isn't always easy or achievable for that matter, but working towards implementing these 6 steps into your morning work routine will help you to feel more organized and productive throughout your work day.

  1. Start early - grab a coffee and prep your space - this gives you time to collect your thoughts, get comfortable and eliminate distractions, setting yourself up for the day ahead.

  2. Check your calendar and prepare for meetings - this allows you to map out your day and avoid that last minute scramble before your scheduled meetings.

  3. Organize your to-do list - prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Determine what actually needs to get done today. Handle those more difficult tasks first.

  4. Check in with colleagues - whether it's a 5-10 minute meeting with your team or just a quick smile and hello, this will help set the tone for the day and provides a way to maintain connection with your colleagues.

  5. Place important calls and quickly scan for urgent emails - this allows you to craft a few important responses so you can keep a fresh mind and focus on the rest of your day.

  6. Plan a lunch break - stretch, move your body, and eat a healthy lunch! Give your brain a break, leaving you feeling mentally and physically refreshed.

Completely changing your entire routine can feel overwhelming, start small by implementing one step at a time and slowly increase as you develop a morning routine that fits your lifestyle.

I'd love to hear how you start your work day.

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