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Tips To Drive Social Media Engagement

Updated: Apr 23

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Tips to Drive Social Media Engagement


Driving engagement on social media can feel daunting and sometimes we end up so overwhelmed that all we end up doing is aimlessly scrolling and going down a rabbit hole of hilarious fails or cute animal videos. Before you know it, 💥BAM💥 you've lost an hour of your day! And it us all *cough cough* 🙋‍♀️Guilty.

But scheduling 30 minutes out of your day and following these tips will help you drive engagement and have a focused plan rather than doom scrolling for hours:

  1. Post regularly and at the right time

  2. Like others' posts

  3. Engage with your followers by responding to comments and direct messages

  4. Use calls to action

  5. Use relevant hashtags to increase discoverability

  6. Use Instagram Stories to showcase YOUR personality

What is your favourite way to engage on social media?

Leave a comment in the comment section and don't forget to follow me on Instagram!


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